Marketing for start-up
and small businesses

Guidance and advice
Practical tips & shortcuts
A generous dose of humour
John McRae

Stand-up Marketing

Stand-up Marketing is a new concept in the way the topic of 'sales and marketing' is explained to start-up and small businesses. Its mission: to help them achieve more customers, more sales, more profit... more often!

Small business owners often consider books and presentations on marketing to be boring and not relevant to their world.

The Stand-up Marketing approach however gives down-to-earth, practical advice, tips, shortcuts and examples from other small businesses.

The Stand-up Marketing book is available from in paperback and Kindle versions. It presents marketing essentials in an easy to follow style, with humour throughout.

Over 25 years, John has completed some 3000 marketing projects across every market place imaginable; working with small businesses on the very 'front line'.

Now he shares his formula!

John McRae is super informative and motivational, with just the right amount of humour. No preaching, no complicated ideas just straight forward sensible advice.
John is a no-nonsense guy full of creative ideas which are of value to every business. A marketing professional who has impressed me with his ability to think outside of the box time and time again.
John McRae - personable, expert, creative.

Video: John's opening night as a stand-up doesn't go according to planů make sure yours does!