Stand-up Marketing:
John McRae

I love marketing.

I love humour.

So I guess 'Stand-up Marketing' was inevitable!

For over 25 years I have worked with small businesses on the front line, where there are no hiding places, something either works or it doesn't and you find out fast!

It's true that I have also worked with much larger organisations, both in the UK and overseas. Indeed my longest running contract, 15 years, has been advising a French company who operate in a global marketplace.

I've worked too in the UK with public bodies including the NHS, councils, universities and national charities.

However my real passion remains helping small businesses survive and grow. If our economy is to recover, the SME community with their courage and enterprise will play a major part.

Yet at present around 50% of new businesses do not reach the end of year three and it is that depressing statistic that I try through my sales and marketing methods to help improve.

My love of humour permeates all I do; my book 'Stand-up Marketing', my presentations, lectures and even the occasional marketing-themed stand-up comedy shows that I present.

This is me, this is what I do.

At last someone who really understands small businesses and gives practical advice that is easy and inexpensive to implement.
You have the magic touch and your guidance and advice keeps us very much on course.
I have benefited immensely from your marketing genius.
Every time we speak to you about marketing/presentations etc. we learn something new how to phrase something tweak a word here or there or just look at things from a different angle. You are our Guru.

Video: John tries his luck at roulette as a way of explaining what he does! But will he be lucky?

Slideshow: John; in lectures, in videos, in stand-up.