Stand-up Marketing:
The Book

If you are a start-up or small business, then this book is for you!

For 25 years I have worked with small businesses, helping them to survive and grow by effectively marketing themselves.

Now I’m aiming to put 'the smile of success' into many more small businesses, by taking this wealth of practical experience and sharing it in my book: Stand-up Marketing. This is available at in both paperback and Kindle versions.

My formula for explaining the key marketing basics is a mix of straight talk, practical advice, case histories, tips and humour.

In my experience it is not the small things that small businesses get wrong – it is the great big ones! Therefore in Stand-up Marketing we concentrate on the critical issues: 'what is special about your offering?' 'Who is your primary target audience?' 'How are you going to connect with them?'

My book is also light-hearted; containing zany photography, amusing stories and some of the most intriguing chapter headings ever seen in a business book:

Although fun, the aim of my book is deadly serious, to achieve for start-up and small businesses: more customers, more sales, more easily.

Don't go into business without this book!

Reader reviews for: Stand-up Marketing

Rarely does a book live up to the blurb - John McRae has delivered a brilliant, practical, succinct guide to marketing.
This is a great read with a quirky and humorous approach to marketing. I would recommend this to any small business owner; it's worth many more times the paper it's written on!
This is the best book on marketing I have read, and I have read a few over the years. This should be issued to everyone who sets up a new business. Would certainly reduce the start-up failure rate.
This book is essential reading for any small business owner, John McRae's simple and common sense approach to marketing, will have you implementing changes to your current practices. I read the book in 2 sessions, which is testimony to the clever and interesting way it has been written.
This book is at the top of my reading list, surpassing Keith Richards and Steve Jobs' Autobiographies!
The author set out to write a book that people would finish reading and he has achieved that. I couldn't put it down!
I have been in business for almost 40 years and have helped people set up in business for the past 25 years. I wish this book had been available earlier in my career.
As someone who is working toward starting my own business I have read several business books over the past year- but none like this one! When I first saw some of the chapter headings and photographs I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. However as I progressed, I realised just how clever it is - I just kept reading and reading!
John McRae's mix of humour and practical tips with lots of examples from other small enterprises is brilliant. I followed his advice and jotted notes along the way and by the end was amazed at just how many I had!
In my opinion this book really is an absolute must for anyone with a small business or who is looking to start one.
In setting up my business, I have read a huge number of papers, websites and even some books. This is the first one that was actually both highly readable and intelligible, oh and very funny as well. Really the humour does help with genuinely understanding what this is all about. I have no hesitation in recommending this book and I will be putting into practice the lessons that I have learnt from the book.
What an amazing book the humour grabs your attention making you read more. This book has given me and my wife ideas that we have already put into practice and just after 4 weeks the hair salon is getting busier week by week.
For a book to be so useful and informative, yet also so enjoyable and easy to read as this one is, really is a rarity. The most important thing I learned from the book (aside from the fact that I really must try a 'Jack Daniels Breakfast'!) is just how little I knew about marketing before I read it.
This book has left me feeling galvanised and with a real sense of assuredness about marketing my businesses from now on and I have already begun to put into practice some of the things that I've learned from it. I strongly recommend it - you will learn more than you think and you'll laugh out loud a few times along the way!

Video: John gate-crashes an archery competition, saying the sport inspired his book. But will he hit the target… or a marshal?

Slideshow: Covers and chapter headings from John’s book, 'Stand-up Marketing'.