Stand-up Marketing:

For the past decade I have been honoured to be a guest lecturer and entrepreneur partner with two major universities in the north east of England, Newcastle University and the University of Northumbria.

Both universities are in my opinion beacons for enterprise education in the UK and many excellent new businesses have developed thanks to their visionary commitment.

I additionally enjoy a mentoring role for both universities; the opportunity to spend time in discussion with some of the brightest young minds in the country is for me a real privilege.

I also deliver marketing presentations to business clubs and associations, as well as regional and national conferences.

In addition, I can provide sales, marketing and communications training to both the private and public sectors, including 'third sector' organisations.

My talks and training are presented in a lively, motivational style, or as one attendee described: "High on practical fibre and low on theory flab!" I include a lot of humour in my talks, as a way of not only holding attention, but crucially helping key messages stick.

Presentations range from an introduction to marketing, through to its effective use in gaining increased growth and market share.

My style of presentation is to invigorate the subject through a mix of media and relevant case histories.

Attendee reviews (originals held on file)

Thank you for an outstanding talk; I learnt more in those 2 hours about marketing than I have in 2 years!
Fantastic presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very entertaining Ė keeping me interested throughout.
Absolutely brilliant! Very happy that I came along. Congratulations!
This session canít be improved. Really interesting!
What an amazing presenter and character!
This session was really good with real examples.
Thanks for your informative and entertaining talk; your advice has already helped us focus our message to our customers.
The responses from the attendees to your marketing session was overwhelmingly positive and the fact I had to herd them out of the door at the end speaks volumes!

Video filmed courtesy of Newcastle University Business School

Video filmed courtesy of Newcastle University Business School